Anthony Atlas

It’s so knight to meet you finally!
Debut 7” by Piano Movers out November 11th on Fruits & Flowers.
A-side “Girlfriend’s Lover” and B-side “Downtown 2Day” streaming in full at
THE PACIFIC OCEAN SAYS: “There’s only one #pacificocean.”
THE PACIFIC OCEAN SAYS: "There’s no day or night in the universe."
THE PACIFIC OCEAN SAYS: "Your Soundcloud is shit without it."
THE PACIFIC OCEAN SAYS: "I accidentally got a shitty God."
THE PACIFIC OCEAN SAYS: "I roll with real beaches, bad beaches, dirty-ass beaches."
Cover page for THE PACIFIC OCEAN SAYS, a collaboration between myself and Heather Hall (@_arecibo_), whose tweets from the voice of the Pacific Ocean have been paired with my drawings.
If the Pacific Ocean had a voice, what would she say?
What would she tweet?
First edition printed in a numbered set of 25. 
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: Selected Lyrics is now available stateside for mailorder and wholesale through Artbook DAP. 
Published in 2014 by Nieves, the volume compiles thirty seven songs by Ariel Pink, with archival images and discography. Edited by me, designed by Nieves, with selection input by Ariel Pink.  
The gossipy prophet Phineas doomed to have his food stolen and defiled by Harpies. For sharing the secrets of the Gods…
Spent the holiday weekend birding at Land O’lakes, whereupon I came across the elusive and beautiful yellow-eyed Snowy Owl.